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Anamchara Farmstead

Dairy Goats For Sale & Our Policy

Any available dairy goats will be listed here or on our Facebook page throughout the year. Please click and read our sales policy below before shopping for your new herd member. 

Our herd is tested for CAE and Johnes annually, as well as testing any new goats brought into the herd. Please don't hesitate to ask to see our results. Our most recent testing was completed 09/2023.

Sales Policy


Please read our sales policy in all entirety before considering a purchase with Anamchara Farmstead in regards to our dairy goats!

 2023 kidding season updates
Important to note: all babies are sold as bottle babies and are typically ready to go between 10-14 days old. We will have our largest kidding season to date so unless we have come to a private agreement about kid pickup, it is expected that once I let you know kids are ready that they be picked up within 7 days. A boarding rate of $2 per day may be assessed unless an arrangement is made prior. 
If you have a reservation for a kid, once a possible kid is born and you are notified you have 48 hours to decide on that kid. If you agree to your chosen kid then a $50 deposit is required to hold that kid until it is ready for its new home. Deposits must be made within 48 hours of decision. All deposits must be made using Cash, Venmo or Paypal. Buyers are always welcome to the farm by appointment to see their baby goat in person before placing a deposit. 
All kids must have a buddy of similar age, so if you are new to goats, you must have at least 2. 
All kids come disbudded and bucklings bought for wethers can be brought back to the farm at 10-12 weeks to be wethered for free. 
We use Calf Pro as coccidia prevention in their bottles daily, so if you don’t choose to continue it, we recommend you start some form of coccidia prevention at 3 weeks old and continue until weaned. If you have questions, please ask. This will be reviewed again when picking up your kid.
Discounts being offered this season:
Wethers: If you have any interest in wethers I will be keeping a specific reservation list just for them. Please let me know if you are interested and I can tell you which breedings will have wether kids available.
They will be $100 each, 
additional discounts given for more then 1. 
Soaking wet kid sales: this continues this year and depending how the season goes some babies may be offered this way.
These may be bucks or does and may be offered with or without papers. The most important thing to note about these is that they will be under a week old, and will need disbudded. I will ensure they are healthy and well started on a bottle before leaving but that will be it. These will be posted on the farm page, if and when they become available and it will be first come first served. 
Performance Discounts:
If you are currently participating in any performance program, such as showing, milk test or linear appraisal, and can provide proof, you will receive a $50 discount per program that you currently participate in, this will apply to any registered kid purchased this season and can be used with all other discounts EXCEPT a soaking wet kid. 
If you are new to goats but plan to participate in performance programs in the coming years, I have always offered a rebate program as well. $50 credit for any items listed below:
These apply only to goats registered in our farm name
If you earn a milk star on any doe
If you get a classification or LA score on any goat
If you win a Champion leg on any goat. 
These can be awarded as a credit towards a future kid or refunded back to you electronically. 
Lastly this year I have made the decision to keep back a small amount of bucklings to be raised for meat. They will be wethered early on, and butchered late fall/early winter of 2024. If you have any interest in getting meat from us, please let me know so I can keep a list. More details will be available later in the season. 
As always please reach out if you have any questions! For the most up to date information please follow our farm page on Facebook and Instagram.
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We will have some does in milk available after they kid. If you are interested please let us know so we can add you to our interest list.
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