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Mini Lamancha Dairy Goats

MDGA Breed Standard

The LaMancha is the only breed developed in America, making it is a truly "made in America breed". The Mini-LaMancha is created when breeding a standard Lamancha to a Nigerian Dwarf. They well known for their docile, even temperament and a steady production of fairly high butterfat.  The face is straight and with the ears being the most distinguishing characteristic of the Mini-LaMancha. The ears are either 'Gopher' which lack cartilage but do have a ring of skin around the auditory canal or  'Elf' which has some cartilage and should be no longer than an inch long.  In does, both ear types are equally accepted but bucks must have 'Gopher' ears to be registered in generations F3 and higher. Bucks with elf ears will be always registered "Experimental".

Any combination of color is acceptable.

We use a "wish list" for our kid requests, we do not require a deposit to be placed on the list. We only require a deposit once a kid is born and we reach out to you and confirm your interest. We reserve the right to retain any kids born and while we attempt to meet all requests, we also reserve the right to place kids where we feel will be best for the kid and buyer.


Please fill out the form below, let us know the name of the doe, and if you want a buck or doe kid. 

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