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Anamchara Farmstead

Herd Share Program

What is a herd share? Well, it's a contract between our farm and you, where you are paying a one time fee to buy "a share" of our goat herd. Then you pay a weekly fee for either a "half" or "whole share" per week. That fee goes towards the upkeep and management of the herd.


In turn, you get milk! One "whole" share equals one gallon of milk per week, and a "half" share equals one 1/2 gallon of milk per week. If you don’t drink milk, that milk can be turned into other items like cheese or ice cream. Essentially, we ask you commit to a minimum $5 per week, but you can always add more! 

To join our herd share program, please email or message us for more information! *Available only to our local community*

Herd Share FAQ


Interested in learning more about herd shares? Click our PDF file to view our most Frequently Asked Questions! 

Image by Nikolai Chernichenko
Image by Mark Cruz
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