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Anamchara Farmstead Sunset
Ancient Gaelic that literally translates to "Soul Friend." This is how we feel about each other, our land, and this lifestyle.

Anamchara Farmstead is located in Dixon Springs, Tennessee, just about an hour North East of Nashville. Our farm was built on 20 acres among rolling hills and beautiful, native Tennessee forests.


We raise Nigerian Dwarf, Lamancha, and Mini-Lamancha dairy goats focusing on healthy and hearty goats that are productive in the milk pail. We offer raw goat milk herd-shares and are licensed to sell milk for pet consumption as well. With our herd shares, we provide milk, cheese, ice cream and many other fantastic items.


To our customers, we also offer all-natural goat's milk body products. Fresh eggs are available daily for anyone stopping by the farmstead, or, you can also find us at local craft fairs as well as at the Gallatin Farmers Market & Old Hickory Village Farmers Market if you'd like to shop in person.

CeeCee and Freya were the first 2 goats we brought to our farm in 2015, they were both bred, and Ceecee kidded 5 days after arriving! We lost Freya that fall to a tragic accident. Ceecee was registered but back then we didn’t care as much as we do now about “papers”. She was our herd queen for many years and would stand up to any goat in the herd, big or small; she was also a pest and chewed more holes in clothes then any goat here. She taught me about goats, kidding, milking and the unconditional love that comes along with these creatures. We lost Ceecee in November 2020 and she is buried on the hill still overlooking the barn where she reigned as queen for so long. We miss her always and are thankful for all she taught us along the way.

Anamchara Farmstead

At Anamchara Farmstead, we have three diary goat breeds: Nigerian Dwarf, Lamancha, and Mini-Lamanchas, as well as some mixed breed chickens, ducks, and turkeys! 

Have you ever heard of a herd share? Purchase half or whole shares and receive a gallon or half gallon for your contribution, each week! Click below to find out more information and how to join our program!


Check back for our 2024 schedule soon!

Are you an online shopper? Enjoy perusing Anamchara Farmstead's farm fresh and homemade products right from the comforts of your own home! !

Anamchara Farmstead
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Anamchara Farmstead
Anamchara Farmstead

Taralee and her family are very nice people. They truly love and care about their goats. They are very open and honest about everything. They also make amazing products! Highly recommend Anamchara Farmstead!

Claire H.

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