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Meet Anamchara Farmstead's Dairy Goats

When deciding on what type of goats we wanted to raise, we initially chose Nigerian Dwarfs for their high butterfat content. We quickly realized that for the amount of milk we hoped to need, Nigerians weren’t going to be enough. With more research, I was drawn to Lamanchas and then discovered Mini Lamanchas! They were supposed to be a perfect blend of both standard Lamanchas and Nigerian dwarfs; how could we not be interested! So in 2016 we bought our first Lamancha does to breed our own minis and we haven’t looked back since! We're continually learning and improving our breeding program as we strive for happy, healthy, productive goats.

Baby Goat
Our Dairy Goats

Standard Lamanchas

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We are proud members of the following associations

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